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Congratulations to our clients John and Stephanie on their marriage in Puerto Rico last week! Happy to use family heirlooms to create their unique engagement ring.  Their wedding photos were shown in the Huffington Post 25 Real Couples Who Were All Smiles On Their Wedding Days. The process of designing their rings out of John’s family jewels was showcased on our Takohl website. process process



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A Unique Engaging Experience

Capturing an individual’s personality when creating wedding bands is a special task that we take very seriously. Your bands will be worn daily and forever….they need to be indicative of the essence of YOU. Here at Takohl, we love love and know how to interpret design into special treasures that not only honor each other…but also match your personal sense of style.

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Happy Wife, Happy Life!

Here at Takohl, we love helping couples celebrate their anniversaries by updating their existing engagement and wedding rings to match their current personal sense of style.  How to celebrate important milestones? We have some fresh ideas!
Our CAD imaging presents the new ideas clearly for our clients to explore the possibilities. We matched two new diamonds to flank her existing one to create a unique collective look.
The ring is revitalized with a modern setting and extra diamonds while keeping the sentimental value of the original engagement ring. We design to include as much light into the setting as possible to accentuate the luster of the diamonds.   Our talents are also making the diamonds appear larger than than really are. The quilted bands stack up beautifully on either side of the new ring creating an interesting three ring set. Voila!

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A Unique Engagement Ring You Have To See

A Unique Engagement Ring You Have To See

An inside look at a recent surprise Engagement Ring
Real Bridal:
Creating the Perfect Timeless Treasure
Designing for Individuality
Getting engaged is an exciting time.  Here at Takohl, we love to design custom bridal that truly speaks to the personality and sense of style of the wearer.   When we create for our clients we consider their individuality, and create unique expressions that celebrates the special connection between two people.   Below we share the process for Brandon and his lovely fiancee Reina.  At first Tammy, our designer, created 6 various drawings depicting different design directions for Brandon to consider.   Then together they carefully refined the concept that spoke to Brandon the most.  Here is their process!
Final Drawings
CAD Simulation
Finished Design
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