The Unexpected Engagement Ring Trend We Love – Oval Diamonds.



Engagement rings are one of the most personal (and pricey!) pieces of jewelry one will ever own, making the decision of shape, cut and setting exhilarating but nerve-racking. Thankfully ring trends are less fleeting than those of handbags or shoes, but certain styles are popularized with the times, and of course, by way of celebrity influence. One such having a moment right now: the oval stone. The regal, rounded shape (as worn by Princess Diana and famously passed on to Kate Middleton) is enjoying a resurgence. Not only does it visually elongate the finger, it’s surprisingly versatile and plays well with a variety of settings. What’s more, an oval diamond can create the illusion of a larger carat size—a particularly savvy hack for those with a budget to consider. With celebrity fans including Blake Lively, Behati Prinsloo and Jennifer Aniston, we think it’s the next cushion-shaped halo (aka the most popular style of 2015). Whether you’re on the brink of  engagement or simply daydreaming of diamonds, here are 12 oval engagement rings for every style and budget.



Thanks to the Zoe Report for spotting the trend

Bridal Showcase

Congratulations to our clients John and Stephanie on their marriage in Puerto Rico last week! Happy to use family heirlooms to create their unique engagement ring.  Their wedding photos were shown in the Huffington Post 25 Real Couples Who Were All Smiles On Their Wedding Days. The process of designing their rings out of John’s family jewels was showcased on our Takohl website. process process



Learn more about our unique bridal experience here.

A Unique Engaging Experience

Capturing an individual’s personality when creating wedding bands is a special task that we take very seriously. Your bands will be worn daily and forever….they need to be indicative of the essence of YOU. Here at Takohl, we love love and know how to interpret design into special treasures that not only honor each other…but also match your personal sense of style.

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Happy Wife, Happy Life!

Here at Takohl, we love helping couples celebrate their anniversaries by updating their existing engagement and wedding rings to match their current personal sense of style.  How to celebrate important milestones? We have some fresh ideas!
Our CAD imaging presents the new ideas clearly for our clients to explore the possibilities. We matched two new diamonds to flank her existing one to create a unique collective look.
The ring is revitalized with a modern setting and extra diamonds while keeping the sentimental value of the original engagement ring. We design to include as much light into the setting as possible to accentuate the luster of the diamonds.   Our talents are also making the diamonds appear larger than than really are. The quilted bands stack up beautifully on either side of the new ring creating an interesting three ring set. Voila!

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Recycled Jewelry for Anniversary Gift

Give new life to your old jewels
Here at Takohl, we love helping couples celebrate their anniversary by updating their existing engagement and wedding rings to match their current personal sense of style.  Here is our process…
The original engagement ring with a .73pt princess cut diamond and multiple long baguette diamonds. After collaborating over pencil drawings, we decided to save the baguettes for a necklace for her daughter and build a modern setting utilizing the center diamond with the goal of increasing the visual size of their diamond.
The new design changes the orientation of the diamond, with a halo going around it on a wide tapered band. We built the bezel high with a diamond bridge underneath to rest on the finger.  This lets lots of light into the setting.  This also makes it easy to clean so your diamonds always look their absolute best.
With our REGEMERATION process,  we love keeping the sentimental gems and adding a few fresh ones to complete the look.  See how much larger the center diamond now appears!
Celebrating anniversaries just got more interesting and certainly more fun! 
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Personalized Graduation Gifts – The New Class Ring

For a Class Ring that will never go out of style, we present to you the Takohl Treasure Ring, perfect for 2016 graduation gifts.

Takohl Treasure Ring

Express your pride, love and support for your child by creating a heart-felt message inside a Takohl Treasure Ring.  Our personalized graduation rings are timeless and will never go out of style.  Your words not only provide a daily reminder of your parent-child bond, it reflects a defining moment in your child’s life. Only the wearer knows the secret of what is inside.   They work well for honoring both high school and college at the same time.  Let them create one exactly to their liking so it will be treasured forever!


Graduation Rings

Surprise them with a Gift Box

A Takohl Treasure Ring© Gift Box is a wonderful way to give a Graduate a surprise. This crystal clear Lucite box holds a monogrammed suede bag with a ring sizer, a Takohl Treasure Ring© color brochure and order form. The box is adorned with ribbon and sent directly to you to give to your special someone, and can even be sent overnight for last minute planning at its best! Your loved one can share in the creative process and you can ensure that their Treasure Ring is the perfect fit and designed to their desires.
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Graduation Amulets

When commencement congratulations are in order, share your best wishes with a custom amulet that represents their school colors with an engraving on the back.
Learn more about the Takohl Amulet Collection here
A Unique Engagement Ring You Have To See

A Unique Engagement Ring You Have To See

An inside look at a recent surprise Engagement Ring
Real Bridal:
Creating the Perfect Timeless Treasure
Designing for Individuality
Getting engaged is an exciting time.  Here at Takohl, we love to design custom bridal that truly speaks to the personality and sense of style of the wearer.   When we create for our clients we consider their individuality, and create unique expressions that celebrates the special connection between two people.   Below we share the process for Brandon and his lovely fiancee Reina.  At first Tammy, our designer, created 6 various drawings depicting different design directions for Brandon to consider.   Then together they carefully refined the concept that spoke to Brandon the most.  Here is their process!
Final Drawings
CAD Simulation
Finished Design
Learn more about our Bridal process here!

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Unleash Your Inner Game of Thrones

Brace yourself, Winter is coming… Well, not in Chicago or the East Coast.

At Takohl, we have the perfect fix for any Game of Thrones fanatic.


As part of our artisan made Modern Medieval Collection, we feature Game of Thrones inspired pieces:

Dagger Earrings Modern Medieval Takohl

Channel Princess Daenerys Targaryen with these sterling silver Dagger Earrings, $265.

Medival Ball Cuff LinksMen unleash your inner Game of Thrones with these sterling silver Medieval Ball Cuff Links, $495.


Ladies style your outfit with this modern medieval Imperial Point Drop Pendant featuring smooth natural quartz, available in 14k white, yellow and rose gold. Priced at $350 in sterling silver.

Lastly, don’t miss our Medieval Drop Ball Earrings sterling silver, $255.

Christmas is only 10 days away, shop our Modern Medieval collection in our online store.


Takohl Featured in Éclat International

In the latest holiday collection of Éclat International, our designer Tammy Kohl discusses her experiences in the competitive jewelry industry, the inception of Takohl and women’s empowerment.

Takohl Treasure Ring Custom Styles

“I have always been an artist and  inventor”- Tammy Kohl.

In the exclusive interview with Micheal Foster, Tammy shares her success of establishing a thriving business in the West Loop of Chicago alongside her diligent and collaborative work ethic.

Tammy also enlightens us with her creative process of creating custom design jewelry by breathing life into drawings from her sketch book into personalized pieces to be treasured forever.

Chicago Skyline Rimmed Cufflink low_res

Importantly, Tammy comments on her beginnings circa 1987 in the jewelry industry which was predominantly male dominated and establishing herself and her business alongside the empowerment of her women clientele to choose and purchase exaclt what they desire.

Through the Q&A, Tammy further explains how technological advancements have drastically changed the jewelry industry allowing her to connect with clients and collaborators across the globe to craft the precious jewels and pieces.

To read the full article, click here.

To personally speak with Tammy, come by our Chicago show room, call Takohl or send an email. At Takohl, we would love to answer any questions you have and help you create pieces to be treasured.

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Perfect Green Corporate Award

Looking for the perfect green corporate award? Look no further.

At Takohl, we breathe life into our jewelry with the creation of the Takohl Earth Ring ®.

Earth Ring combo Email Version


The Earth Ring is an innovative invention from Takohl featuring a living and breathing plant as the center stone. This ring is the embodiment of the  celebration of nature, life and the environment.

The signature Earth Ring is placed within it’s own earth, a glass terrarium, creating a perfect climate for the living plant to grow and be nourished.

EarthRingTerrariumWith every purchase of an Earth Ring, Takohl donates  a percentage of profits to important environmental causes.

The Earth Ring can breath life into any office and can feature as a center piece for any desk.

Why not drop by our Chicago showroom and see in person how the Earth Ring could breath more life into your life.