Rejuvenate Old Gems With Takohl

regemeration. recycle. restyle. recreate.Here at Takohl, we love helping couples celebrate their anniversary by updating their existing engagement and wedding rings to match their current personal sense of style.


The original engagement ring with a .73pt princess cut diamond and multiple long baguette diamonds. After collaborating over pencil drawings, we decided to save the baguettes for a necklace for her daughter and build a modern setting utilizing the center diamond with the goal of increasing the visual size of their diamond.

Before image of Sidney's ring.


Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

The new design changes the orientation of the diamond, with a halo going around it on a wide tapered band. We built the bezel high with a diamond bridge underneath to rest on the finger.  This lets lots of light into the setting.  This also makes it easy to clean so your diamonds always look their absolute best.

CAD of Sidney's new ring design.



With our REGEMERATION process,  we love keeping the sentimental gems and adding a few fresh ones to complete the look.  See how much larger the center diamond now appears!

Sidney's finished ring.

Sidney's ring as seen on her hand.

Celebrate Your Anniversary in Style

Celebrating Love and Life.
Take a moment to be grateful for the person who looks after you most.  Honor your time with your partner with a unique gift to let them know how special they really are.
Here at Takohl we take great pride in helping you commemorate the anniversaries of special moments with unique jewels that will always be treasured.  Celebrating can be easy and fun!
Promotional image for Takohl Celebration Rings.
Takohl Shield Pendants shown.
Our years of experience enable us to provide great design while educating our clients on gemstones and jewelry creation. Whatever your budget, we can guide you to a new understanding of how fine jewelry is custom made for you and your lifestyle!
Takohl Treasure Rings shown in open and closed position.
Personalize a Takohl Treasure Ring.
Use our interactive ring builder to design a ring to commemorate big occasions. Include the names of your children, important dates or a sweet message.

Meet Tammy Kohl of Takohl in West Loop

This is a picture of Tammy Kohl

From Voyage Chicago:

Today we’d like to introduce you to Tammy Kohl.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Tammy. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
When I was 19 years old, I started my jewelry design business as an avenue to help pay for college. Soon, I began selling my collections to Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom department stores. After I graduated college in the late 80’s, I moved my company to the West Loop of Chicago in Fulton Market. Back then, the area was a lot rougher and less populated than it is today to say the least.

I became an inventor and patented many designs with my most famous being the Takohl Treasure Ring. A ring that opens up like a locket and displays hidden engraving and gemstones. This brought many design awards and National and world recognition. Many celebrities garnered this design and my clientele continued to grow throughout the country and the world.

In 2000, I purchased property on Peoria St near Randolph St. and launch my store front fine jewelry gallery. Specialties include custom design tailored to the individual and their sense of style, award winning bridal, restyling existing jewelry and corporate awards.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc. – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
My industry is full of knock off designs, so in order to keep my work protected I would design original things that have never been thought of before and involve lawyers. I’ve patented many of my inventions to keep my work proprietary. I strive to provide my clients with jewelry that they can’t find anywhere else.

Marketing new products that I invent is always a challenge. My newest amulet design is still patent pending. After 10 years of development, I finally figured out how to seal water into jewelry behind glass. My Takohl Love Amulet features energized selenite water whose resonance calms the individual and resonates “LOVE” to the wearer and to all around them. Learn more about the Love Amulet here.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
My business revolves around creating custom jewelry that matches my customer’s personality and sense of style. I love to draw possibilities for new jewels that are conceived with passion and intuition and captures the emotions and sentiments that are unique to every person. Interpreting their design sense is my gift. My customers rely upon me to help them get the gift right the first time! My goal is to create affordable pieces that have sentimental value for our customers.

We are gem experts! Over 30 years’ expertise helping my clients make well informed choices when choosing diamonds and colored stones for bridal or investment purchases. My clients trust me to advise and educate them on choosing the perfect gemstone to meet their aesthetics and budget requirements. I treat my customers like they are family.

What were you like growing up?
I grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and as a farm kid you needed to choose a job on the farm at an early age. I often helped my Dad with fixing the farm machinery. This is where I learned the basics of metalsmithing and welding and problem solving.

Being always interested in making my own money, I started my first business in the 3rd grade selling sweet corn on the side of the road. Then I expanded into being a candy dealer to all the kids in my grade school. I would buy just above wholesale from the neighborhood grocery and retail to my classmates. Friendships came easily to me.

I was an artistic child. I was drawing or painting someone or something. I played a lot of baseball and also, I took up baton twirling. After numerous parades, pageants and performances all over the Midwest, I became a world champion baton twirler.


  • Takohl Treasure Rings $495-$ 5000 and beyond
  • Sterling Silver Earrings, Necklaces and Cufflinks $ 125 to 950

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  • Instagram: @takohl_gallery
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Takohl Treasure Ring

Image reads

A model wearing Takohl Jewelry.

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Takohl Rings

Tammy Kohl and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.

Image Credit:
Paul Audia
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Audrey Nielsen

Give New Life to Old Jewels Recycle. Restyle. Recreate

An image of an old Amethyst in a ring. Before- amethyst in a ring.

Transform old jewels that you are not wearing into something that you’re proud of.

Have you heard of jewelry designer Tammy Kohl’s original process of analyzing your jewelry box? Regemeration is the restyling of your existing unworn jewels into your new favorite piece.  Share pictures of what you have that is not being worn and she will evaluate, draw creative options and transform your gems of the past into new original works of art.

Another image of the amethyst in the pendant.

     After- amethyst in a pendant.


Commemorate Success with Graduation Gifts from Takohl

Takohl Treasure Ring assortment for graduations.

Celebrate your graduate with a Takohl Treasure Ring. Our rings have a classic aesthetic that always looks current. Here is Lady GaGa’s quote, but you can certainly can create your own message to inspire and evoke emotion.

This Treasure Ring reads

Visit to create your own on our interactive ring builder and create a keepsake to be treasured forever.


Takohl  Chicago Cityscape Cufflinks

Celebrate your loved one’s shining moment with a timeless Takohl creation, serving as a symbol of success. Cherish their special day with one of our heirloom quality designs. Please call us at 312-621-6222 for personalized assistance on these or any jewels.


Takohl. A Gallery of Exceptional Jewels.

110 N. Peoria St.
Chicago, IL

Open M-F 10-6 pm
Evenings and Weekends by Appointment

Calming the Political Divide through Jewelry

Takohl Peace Amulet

What if a gleaming piece of jewelry could calm the tensions between Democrats and Republicans? Chicago jewelry designer Tammy Kohl believes she has created an amulet that does exactly that.

“With this incredibly divisive Presidential campaign, we must look for ways to quell the frustration of two completely different viewpoints.” says Kohl, designer and creator of the Takohl Peace Amulet. “There are a lot of dual party families, friendships and communities that are experiencing uncomfortable strain and exasperation so I decided to create a piece of jewelry that works as an antidote.”

The Takohl Peace Amulet harnesses the power of silver, gold and energized water in the name of making peace between the parties.

The Amulet is casual, substantial, and intriguing.  The back is inscribed with the words: “Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me.”  Inspiring Americans to relax and converse diplomatically so we can better coexist. That power is amplified by the wearer’s own good will and that of everyone who lays eyes upon it.

The Takohl Peace Amulet™ is a symbol of hope and optimism. The mission of designer Tammy Kohl is to lessen anxiety by bringing balance and peace to people’s hearts and minds. Ms. Kohl has worked on the technology to hold in the water for almost a decade before patenting the design. The Peace Amulet showcases selenite infused or blessed water behind a waterproof glass lens. The amulet works on the premise that thoughts and intentions transmit vibrational energy waves. Water being a natural conductor of energy, is a perfect conduit. The wearer can also choose to add in a variety of gemstones with special meaning to the wearer.

The Peace Amulets are showcased on 24” casual ball chains that are suitable for men and women of all ages, and are meant to be worn near the heart.

Starting at $395 in Sterling Silver, $1955 in 14K Gold, See the collection here. 

©Takohl 2016, Patent Pending, MADE IN CHICAGO


Spinning Takohl Peace Amulet

About Takohl: Tammy Kohl is a visionary, artist, inventor and entrepreneur. Her award-winning work is based on the premise that life should be filled with art, gratitude and positive energy.

Tammy also holds two patents, including her Takohl Treasure Ring.

Her clientele includes Hollywood celebrities, sports legends and even royalty, with notable clients including Renee Zellweger, Tim Allen, Steven Tyler, Helen Hunt, Terri Hatcher, Ellen DeGeneres, Carson Daly, James Gandolfini, Michael Jordan and John Elway. Two Chicago mayors wear her Cityscape cufflinks.

Her work has been featured in many publications including In Style Magazine, Vogue, Rolling Stone and Brides Magazine. She has won many design awards and has been featured on numerous TV shows including E! Entertainment.



The Unexpected Engagement Ring Trend We Love – Oval Diamonds.



Engagement rings are one of the most personal (and pricey!) pieces of jewelry one will ever own, making the decision of shape, cut and setting exhilarating but nerve-racking. Thankfully ring trends are less fleeting than those of handbags or shoes, but certain styles are popularized with the times, and of course, by way of celebrity influence. One such having a moment right now: the oval stone. The regal, rounded shape (as worn by Princess Diana and famously passed on to Kate Middleton) is enjoying a resurgence. Not only does it visually elongate the finger, it’s surprisingly versatile and plays well with a variety of settings. What’s more, an oval diamond can create the illusion of a larger carat size—a particularly savvy hack for those with a budget to consider. With celebrity fans including Blake Lively, Behati Prinsloo and Jennifer Aniston, we think it’s the next cushion-shaped halo (aka the most popular style of 2015). Whether you’re on the brink of  engagement or simply daydreaming of diamonds, here are 12 oval engagement rings for every style and budget.



Thanks to the Zoe Report for spotting the trend

Bridal Showcase

Congratulations to our clients John and Stephanie on their marriage in Puerto Rico last week! Happy to use family heirlooms to create their unique engagement ring.  Their wedding photos were shown in the Huffington Post 25 Real Couples Who Were All Smiles On Their Wedding Days. The process of designing their rings out of John’s family jewels was showcased on our Takohl website. process process



Learn more about our unique bridal experience here.

A Unique Engaging Experience

Capturing an individual’s personality when creating wedding bands is a special task that we take very seriously. Your bands will be worn daily and forever….they need to be indicative of the essence of YOU. Here at Takohl, we love love and know how to interpret design into special treasures that not only honor each other…but also match your personal sense of style.

If you know a couple in love, ready to explore the possibilities…share this to receive benefits from our referral program. Count on our our creativity, care and knowledge of gems to impress and delight.

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